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Evo X Maintenance Schedule

Your Evo X is like your girlfriend/boyfriend. You take care of her/him, and she/he takes care of you. The relationship between a person and an Evo X is stronger than some may think. I know that it may sound alittle off-putting, but itís a two-way street metaphorically =P. Yep, weíre talking about adhering with the car maintenance schedule, which involves checking (and potentially replacing) the guts of your ride. It may or may not be time-consuming, depending on your familiarity and experience in checking fluids, doing oil changes, and the like. No biggie if you lack familiarity or experience. You can just take your sweetness to an auto shop when itís time for your Evo X to visit the doctor., and we can let you know when itís time to check on and/or replace something =). NOTE: Severe driving conditions can include driving on all kinds of abnormal ground (rough/sandy/muddy/salty surfaces), using brakes excessively, operating the car more than 50% in heavy traffic in 90 degree weather, driving at a low speed constantly, and having the car be idle excessively.

0. 5,000 miles (every)/every 5 months - Inspect disc brake pads and rotors, inspect suspension system, inspect driveshaft boots, and rotate tires. Under severe usage conditions, get all of these done every 3,750 miles or 4 months.
0. 15,000 miles (every)/every 15 months - Check the fluid level of the reserved tank for the active center differential (ACD), check condition of brake hoses, inspect ball joint and steering linkage seals, replace air purifier filter, and replace air cleaner element. For severe car usage, check the reserved tank for ACD at the same mileage increment, but every 16 months. Same applies to everything else. For the air purifier filter, check it for any sign of clogging.
0. 30,000 miles (every)/every 30 months - Check the level of the manual transaxle oil and change the manual transaxle oil, check the level of the transfer oil and change the transfer oil, change the engine coolant, change the rear axle oil, check the entire fuel system for leaks, check the condition of the fuel hoses, replace generator/water pump/power steering pump drive belts, and check (and service) the entire exhaust system. For severe car usage, get all of these done every 15,000 miles/16 months, with the exception of getting the engine coolant and rear axle oil changed, checking whole fuel system for leaks, checking condition of fuel hoses, replacing generator/water pump/power steering pump driving belts, and checking and servicing the entire exhaust system, which are to be done every 30,000 miles or 32 months. Whichever comes first.
0. 60,000 miles (every)/every 60 months - Inspect the radiator and heater hoses (make-up of the coolant hoses), as well as replace them. Additionally, check for any leakage and clogging in the evaporative emission control system (donít worry about the canister), check and replace spark plugs. and get timing belt replaced. For severe car usage, get all of these done every 60,000 miles or 64 months. Whichever comes first.

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