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EVO X Front Lip Install

Oh, so you got a new front lip for your EVO X huh? Good deal. Need it installed? Itís actually easyÖ...kind of. It would be best if you were to have two jack stands or a lift. And of course, an extra person. You could prop one side of the new front lip using a box of some sort while youíre holding the other side as you work the installation. But, two pairs of hands are better than one! One way or another, youíll have that front lip installed and enjoy it in no time =). Youíll need a phillips screwdriver, 10 mm socket wrench and torque wrench, a trim remover (looks like a chisel with a sharp pointy at the end), a set of cutting pliers or utility knife, a flat file, teopropyl alcohol or material that can degrease, masking tape, primer, and shop towels. And two jack stands wouldnít hurt either =). Itís advised that you have a brake air guide installed for this installation to work. Also, before applying masking tape on any of the areas mentioned in the installation guide, make sure that the areas are free of oil, dust, or anything else. Additionally, once you apply masking tape to an area, donít remove it. This would reduce the masking tapeís strength.

1. Work in a well-ventilated space. The garage with the garage door should be fine. Outside in your driveway may be better. Ensure that the carís completely turned off with the key removed from the ignition. Once youíre done with that, ensure that the parking brake is applied securely.
2. Have the EVO X ownerís manual handy for this step. Youíll be removing the front bumper here. The ownerís guide should instruct you on how to do this. Remember to handle the front bumper carefully and place it somewhere thatís not too close to where youíre working.
3. Remove the air dam skirt panel by undoing the six factory screws and speed nuts as well. Save and store the screws and nuts somewhere safe. Youíll be needing these again.
4. Take the front bumper youíve just removed and reinstall it by fastening at four points; left and right of the lowermost clip point at the wheel house and left and right bottom of the car, where thereís one bold and big screw/fastener.
5. Grab hold of the speed nuts you removed previously and install them to the hanger thatís included in your front lip installation kit. Do this on the side where thereís six slots/openings of the hanger. The kit should also include four speed nuts. Take those and install them on the same hanger and where thereís four openings on one side of it.
6. Take the hanger assembly and install it to the front bumper using four bolts that came with the front lip installation kit.
7. Take the six factory screws you removed earlier on in this installation and install those to retain the hanger to the under cover. Torque the screws to 5.0 +/- 1.0 N.m.
8. Take that new front lip of yours and have it temporarily installed to get it in position. This will help determine the position of the primer application and the positions of where the undercover and spoiler stays interfere. Have some teopropyl alcohol or degreaser ready.
9. Using some teopropyl alcohol or degreaser, degrease the new front lip mounting position onto the front bumper. After that, put some primer on. Allow 5 minutes for it to dry.
10. Using a set of cutting pliers or utility knife, cut the under cover where itís interfering with the front lip stays. Finish the cut edge with a flat file.
11. Peel off an end of every backing strip of the front lipís backside by 50 mm precisely. Then, fold and have them fixed using masking tape, at the front of the lip. Remember not to pull the backing strips off completely!
12. Fixate on the upper edge at the center of the front lip. Fit the upper edge into the groove of the front bumper.
13. Starting from the center of the front lip, fit it into position to both ends. Next, at the rear ends of the front bumper, place the lip over the bumper via its underside.
14. Align the upper edge of the front lip with the lower edge of the duct opening at the left and right brake duct openings.
15. At the left and right wheel house positions, align the front lipís mounting holes with the bumperís clip mounting holes. Ensure that the front lipís positioned correctly after. From there, loosely tighten four bolts (included in the front lip installation kit). This is to fit the new front lip in temporarily.
16. Position front lip stays at the underside of the under cover, followed by positioning the front lip plate at the upperside of the under cover.
17. Peel off the backing strip and affix the new front lip as you press rearward and downward, at the brake duct position. Position the front lip carefully! =)
18. Using existing clips, affix the wheel arch sections of the lip. Tighten the bolts that we temporarily had alittle loose further to 8.5 +/- 1.0 N.m.
19. Reinstall any remaining fasteners at the front bumperís underside while following the ownerís manual. Inspect all taped areas. Make sure that the tapeís secure. Same goes for other fasteners. Ensure that theyíre nice ní tight enough.

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