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EVO X Downpipe Install

Having an aftermarket downpipe is always good to have, especially if you modified your EVO to run at a higher boost pressure, or if itís already modified in such a way. This is setting aside the fact that, as most of us know, aftermarket downpipes improves performance. Got a new downpipe and arenít exactly sure on how to install it? This guide will take downpipe installation down the pipe! To save you time, and trouble, itís important to know/keep in mind that a majority of 3Ē downpipes donít fit with the lower control arm braces installed. Determine that your current lower control arm brace would accommodate your new downpipe.

1. Ensure that the rear wheels are chocked for safety measures. Remove the splashguard if applicable. Now, lets really get started by grabbing jack stands to support the raise of the front of the car. Oh yes, make sure that the carís off!
2. Uninstall both lower control arm braces.
3. Undo both 17 mm bolts that are retaining the stock downpipe to the front of the catalytic converter. Note: For now, leave the hangers connected. This is to support the rear of the downpipe as you work on the front of it.
4. Fixate on the front of the downpipe. Remove both 14 mm spring bolts. With the stock downpipe now detached, fixate on the rear of it and undo both 12 mm bolts that are retaining to the hangers. Remove the stock downpipe via pulling it straight downward from the O2 housing.
5. Ensure that the recessed part of the oil pan is clean (downpipe runs underneath it). Attach the automatic-stick heat shield thatís accompanied by the new downpipe. Trim the automatick-stick part for a perfect fit if necessary. Have the new downpipe hanging on the hangers at the rear.
6. Have the front side of the new downpipe raised over the gasket thatís at the O2 sensor housing. Screw on factory spring bolts.
7. From the rear of the downpipe, attach the factory gasket between the catalyctic converter. Then, screw back on the factory bolts. Voila!
8. Finalize the downpipe installation by starting the car and inspecting it for any leaks.

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