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EVO X Shifter Bushing Install

Want your Evo X to have more accurate and direct shifts? Then get a hold of new shifter bushings! They’re fairly easy to install, and are cost-efficient. The modification will be noticeable, and become maximized when combining it with a braided stainless steel clutch line and clutch restrictor removal. You’ll need a phillips and slotted screwdriver, 12 mm rachet wrench, and a small steel or metal punch (alternatively, you can use a ball point pen).

1. Ensure that the car’s off and the center console is free of anything. Undo the two visible screws that are inside and at the bottom of the console.
2. Detach the shift knob. Do so by turning it counter-clockwise until it’s loose enough for removal.
3. Release the hooks that are retaining the center console from the front by lifting the center console and pulling the rear upwards at an angle. This is to maneuver over the e-brake, which should be set. Remember not to pull the cover up too high due to there being connected circuitry, which you’ll be disconnecting once you have clearance.
4. Ensure that the connection to the cigarette lighter is unplugged. This is to remove the front section of the center console.
5. Undo the two visible screws that are holding the back of the front console section.
6. Refer to the footwell on the driver’s side. Undo the fastener that’s retaining the side cover and remove the panel.
7. Now, refer to the passenger’s side. The panel, there, would snap off. This is done by simply pulling it away from the center console.
8. There are poppet fasteners that are retaining the center console behind the side panels that you’ve just removed, Push the pin in until you hear and see a click, once. The entire fastener can then be pulled out.
9. Pull the ashtray outwards like you’d do normally, and undo the sole screw that’s underneath it. With much care, pull the center console out .Note: To make the removal of the front section of the center console easier, have the shifter in 2nd, 4th, or reverse and have the driver and passenger seats positioned all the way back.
10. Remove the cotter pin that’s retaining the shifter cable to the side of the connection. Do this using pliers.
11. Remove the shifter cable by pulling it off. Guide yourself down and under the shifter to access the front-left bracket bolt. Undo the two 12 mm bolts that are holding down the shifter bracket. Lift the shifter bracket slightly to push the metal sleeves of the bushings out of the bottom slowly using a flathead. Doing so slowly will avoid harm to yourself.and your ride. Try to position one hand under the sleeves to catch them as they’re being pushed out in a slow manner. You can also have someone help you with this.
12. Now, to remove them stock bushings! Remember that it’s a one-piece design. Compress them so that they fit through the hole. Use a flathead or related tool to push down and sideways simultaneously.
13. Insert the stock bushing’s metal sleeves. The flat side of the sleeve will be facing downward when installed in the bracket.
14. Push the top half of the new shifter bushing into the shifter bracket hole. Repeat this step for the other bushings.
15. Apply small section of the poly rings under the bottom of the shifter bracket and around the top section of the bushing. There may be no strategy to this step. This step may be done by “feel.” Patience is key here. It’s recommended that the small poly rings be applied to the front bushings first. When working on the rear bushings, hand-tight the bolts to keep the bottom bushing in place.
16. Ensure that all four 12 mm bolts through your new shifter bushings. Also, make sure that they’re tightened as much as possible to remove as much gap as possible between the floor pan and metal sleeve. Have each bolt backed approximately ¼ of a turn. Have the torque set to 124 IN-LBS, or 14 Nm. Make sure that the shifter cable and cotter pin are installed!

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