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EVO X Turbo Timer Install

Needed a new turbo timer and went ahead to buy one? Are you unsure of exactly how to install it, or are you completely unaware of the “how?” Don’t go into turbo mode, because you’re covered. The turbo timer should come with everything that you need. A plug-n-play harness might be sold separately. If it doesn’t accompany the turbo timer you’ve purchased, then get one! It makes the installation process significantly easier.

1. Ensure that the car’s off. Disconnect the negative battery terminal from the battery using a 10 mm deep socket wrench, all the while wearing approved gloves because…...well…...safety first!
2. At the bottom of the steering column cover, there will be three scews. Undo them. With care, snap “off” the top part of the steering column cover off the lower part. Set that aside, and remove the lower half of the steering column cover by pulling it away and over the key cylinder (located on the right side). Ensure that the column adjustment level is unlocked for the next step. Now, you can remove the lower section of the steering column cover.
3. Pull the protruding well towards the right to pull the lower cover forward past the ignition switch. Alternatively, you can pull the dash panel (exactly under the steering column). Accomplishing this is less risky as opposed to working with the well.
4. Locate the ignition harness. It should be on the left side of the steering column. Press the release tab inwards of the white harness connector and pull the harness out of the ignition connector. Don’t yank! Perform this task carefully, for the sake of your ride and safety.
5. Follow the ignition wires. You’ll eventually notice a white plastic object that’s retaining them. Open the flap within the white plastic wire-holder through prying the top flap up, then left. Then, using a small flathead or other related tool, lift the top of the flap upwards and push the flap to the left. It will open.
6. Time to work with your new turbo timer! Plug the male side of it to the stock unplugged ignition harness. As for the female side, plug that into the ignition connector on the column. Push the slack that’s being given off by the timer and ignition harness, and ignition connector. Push it back and under the dash. Place the wires of the timer harness into the white plastic wire-holder. Flatten the wires as much as possible to do so, but not too much. Snap the flap back into place.
7. Tie up the slack as nicely as possible under the dash. Ensure that the 3-pin connector for the timer harness has clearance.
8. Plug in the matching side of the timer power harness that accompanied your turbo timer to the 3-pin connector. Running the power harness to the turbo timer may vary. Regardless of the case, tie up all wires as nicely as possible. If the timer harness contains extra wires, then tie those up nicely.
9. Ground the one black wire on the timer side of the harness.at a location such as one of the bolts that’s behind the radio. Where you decide to ground that black wire must be that of a good chassis.
10. Time to connect the timer power harness and turbo timer! Do so via the 4-pin side of the harness and match it up with the turbo timer’s 4-pin connector. Set the turbo timer to a parameter preset. Afterwards, reconnect the battery.Turn the ignition to ACC to ensure that the turbo timer powers on. Now, start the engine. The turbo timer will initialize. Allow it to finish. Once the turbo timer is done doing its thing, turn the key to off. The engine should continue to run. It will shut off once the timer reaches 0. Disconnect the negative battery terminal.
11. You now have two options, one being finalize mounting the head unit or proceed with getting any leftover safety (or monitor protocols) connected. A turbo timer would involve a parking brake connection at least. This is for the purpose of safety and security. To set-up a parking brake connection, start with the center console, which is to be removed. Undo the screws that are at the bottom of the center console storage, under the armrest. Remove the tabs that are retaining it from the front side by lifting the center console directly upwards. Next, life the rear of the center console over the handle of the emergency brake. Disconnect the IC sprayer and cigarette lighter harnesses.
12. Remove the ashtray by undoing the shifter knob and undo the three screws, one being infront of the gear shifter and the remaining ones behind it. Pull the inner kick panel (can be found at the front of the center console) off via a passenger side. Next, remove the pop fastener (it’s helping hold the front of the center console to a metal frame). Repeat on the other passenger side. Finally, remove the front section of the center console.
13. Run the e-brake (emergency brake) wire to the e-brake switch by tapping it from the turbo timer to the blue/red strip wire (retained by a harness that’s near the base of the emergency brake handle) that’s connected to the e-brake.
14. The speed sensore wire may be tapped to the VSS (vehicle speed sensor) on the engine control unit. Refer to http://www.evomoto.com/tech_articles.php?tech_article_id=19 to ensure that the correct wire’s being used for this connection
15. Time to reconnect both battery terminals! After that’s done, test the e-brake and speed functions of the turbo timer. Adjust the speed setting on the turbo timer to where it’s matched to the vehicle’s speedometer. Set presets and there!

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