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EVO X Gauge Pod Install

A-Pillar gauge pods are most commonly used in todayís cars, and provide customization optionsto further pimp out your EVO X! Itís actually fairly easy to install and isnít time-consuming. All thatís required are a set of needle nose pliers and a ratchet wrench with 10 mm socket.

1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal using the 10 mm ratchet wrench.
2. From the driverís side, remove the door trim panels. Pull upwards to release clips.
3. Youíll need to remove the dash trim panels. To access them, first remove the door weatherstripping. Note: The weatherstrippingís not glued in or anything. Donít remove it entirely. Pull it out to where it forms a large loop at the corner of the driverís side door.
4. Remove the driverís side kick panel using two hands, one on the top right corner of it and the other at the bottom left corner, to release the slide and tree push clip, and a push clip/nut.
5. On the driverís side, remove the dash trim by holding onto a tab edge thatís sticking out and pull to release the panel.
6. Position both hands ontop of the A-pillar gauge pod while sitting in the driverís seat and pull towards the passengerís side of the car.
7. Using a set of needle nose pliers, release the heavy plastic strap at the top of the A-pillar by grabbing the black ďTĒ at the end of the heavy plastic strap and twisting it through the slot opening.
8. Pull the A-pillar at the top towards the passengerís side about 3 inch. extra.
9. Pull the A-pillar from the bottom and towards you while sitting in the driverís seat. This will release the A-pillar. As you pull it towards you, pull slightly upwards simultaneously.
10. Follow the steps in reverse to install your new A-pillar gauge pod!

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