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Transmission Fluid Change

Whether for regular maintenance or to replace the OEM fluid for improved shifting, changing the tranny fluid is a simple process. Mistubishi recommends changing the transmission fluid every 15000 miles for severe use or every 30000 miles for regular use. There is no such thing as too often, so feel free to change the fluid at earlier intervals, especially if you race. Regularly changing the transmission fluid will keep it in top shape and reduce wear on an extremely expensive part of the driveline!

1. A jack (no ramps) is also necessary to ease getting under the car, however, the car needs to be on level ground during filling. With the driver side front safely supported, place a drain pan under the Drain plug. Remove the 17mm Fill plug and then 24mm Drain plug. Both have aluminum washers between them and the transmission, so be careful not to loose them. TECH TIP: if possible, drain the transmission fluid while the fluid is warm. You don't want to burn yourself, but the fluid will drain easier when it is warm.
2. Once the tranmission has started draining, lower the car back down to the ground so it is level. If that is not possible, lower it as much as possible without smashing the drain pan. The draining process can linger with a fine line of fluid coming out for a long time (top pic). If you are refilling with a different fluid, you should try to let as much drain out as possible. If the transmission is being refilled with the same fluid that was in it, it's not quite as important.
3. While waiting for the fluid to drain, clean any metal shavings off of the drain plug magnet so it can be reinstalled (bottom pic).
4. When drain is completed, raise the driver side front again and reinstall the Drain plug, making sure the aluminum washer is in place. Torque the Drain plug to 23 FT-LBS. One of these cheapo extended funnels (top pic) is very easy to use if the airbox is removed or if you have an aftermarket intake that offers some free space to wedge the funnel. If the factory airbox is still on and being used, a simple solution is to "extend" the funnel further (as shown) using some 3/8" ID vinyl hose available at any local home improvement store. We use this method for the transfer case fluid change and it works like a charm. The funnel can be extended as long as needed, making it very easy to find a suitable location to place it for filling.
5. With the extra tubing on the funnel, it has no probably at all reaching with the stock airbox and snorkel in place (bottom pic).
6. Under the car, place the funnel tube into the Fill hole on the transmission. Here we are filling with the airbox off, so no added extension tube is being used. With the funnel tube in the Fill hole, place the drain pan under the Fill hole and lower the car back to the ground. Like the transfer case, the fill level is to the bottom of the Fill hole. The transmission holds 2.9 Quarts of GL-4 SAE 75W-85W or 75W-90 gear oil.
7. Fill the fluid slowly and once you have filled the correct amount of fluid, pull the funnel out and let any excess fluid run out of the Fill hole. When no fluid comes out, the tranny has the correct level. Wipe any fluid from the transmission case and replace the Fill plug making sure the aluminum washer is place. Torque to 23 FT-LBS and you are done!

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