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The following chart is of the Evo VIII ECU pins and their corresponding functions.  If you are installing any electronics that require a connection to specific ECU functions (ie. O2 sensor, MAS, etc.), this chart will help you locate the appropriate wires.

NOTE: Extreme caution should always be taken when tapping ECU wires.  Disconnect the battery and triple check that the wire(s) you are working with are from the pin(s) you need.  Due to the cluster of wiring at the ECU, it is very easy to lose count or transpose locations when determing pin locations and/or loose track of the associated wire.

Evo VIII ECU Pinouts
1 #1 Injector
2 #3 Injector
3 Fuel Pressure solenoid
4 Idle Speed Control Motor Coil A1
5 Idle Speed Control Motor Coil B1
6 EGR Solenoid
8 A/C
9 Evap Emissions Purge Solenoid
10 Ignition Power Transistor (A- to coil for 1&4 cyl)
11 Wastegate solenoid
12 12V switched power supply
13 Chassis ground
14 #2 Injector
15 #4 Injector
17 Idle Speed Control Motor Coil A2
18 Idle Speed Control Motor Coil B2
19 MAS sensor reset signal
21 Cooling Fan Motor Relay (PWM Output) 
22 Fuel pump relay
23  Ignition power transistor (B - to coil for 2&3 cyl)
24 A/C
25 12V switched power supply
26 Chassis ground
31 A/C
32 A/C
33 Generator G terminal
35 FMIC sprayer
36 CEL
37 Power Steering pressure switch (input)
38 MFI Relay
39 Fuel Pump Relay (increase pressure for higher loads)
40 Sensor Ground (IAT, Cam and Crank Angle Sensors) 
41 Generator FR terminal
43 Clutch Position Switch (Input)
44 FMIC sprayer
45 A/C Switch
46 Fuel level (input)
51 Immobilizer ECU
54 O2 sensor heater (rear)
55 Evap vent solenoid valve
57 FMIC sprayer
58 Tach signal (output)
60 O2 sensor heater (front)
61 Fuel Tank Differential Pressure Sensor
62 Data Link Connector
71 Starter (signal)
72 IAT sensor (signal)
73 Manifold differential presssure sensor
74 Sub fuel level sensor
75 O2 sensor (rear)
76 O2 sensor (front)
77 Fuel temperature sensor
78 Knock sensor
79 Data link connector
80 Backup power (12V constant)
81 5V Sensor Power Supply (TPS, MDP, Baro, Fuel Tank Press Sensor)
82 Ignition
83 Coolant temp sensor (signal)
84 TPS sensor (signal)
85 Barometric pressure sensor (signal)
86 Vehicle speed sensor (signal)
88 Cam position sensor (signal)
89 Crank position sensor (signal)
90 MAS sensor (signal)
91 FMIC sprayer
92 Sensor Ground (O2 Sensors, Coolant Temp, TPS, MDP, Fuel Tank Press Sensor)

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