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Evo VII Tail Lights Install

Replacing your US Evo VIII's stock "Altezza" style tail lights with OEM Mitsubishi Evo VII tail lights is a good way to differentiate your Evo from the rest of the pack and takes no time at all. Swapping the tail lights is so easy in fact, we considered not even doing a write up for it, but we don't want to leave any stone unturned ;)

1. Pop the trunk and remove the two Phillips screws shown in the picture.
2. Pull the housing out with a slight angle towards the side of the car. Some "wiggling" will help unseat the pins (2 of them) that are the only things left holding the housing to the car. NOTE: do not try to swing the housing out in a continuous arc so you do not accidentally break off the outer pin or crack the housing....about 10-20 is all that is needed. Angle it out while pulling/wiggling and will come out pretty easily. See the pictures of the back of the housings in the Steps below to see locations of the pins for better reference. Also, do NOT attempt to "pry" the housing out with anything to avoid any damage to the housing or your Evo's paint...pull them out by hand!
3. After the housing comes free, the only thing left holding it to the car is the electrical connector. Simply depress the tab and pull apart. Make sure you have a could grip on the housing as we can easily see it being thrown across the garage while trying to disconnect it ;)
4. As seen in the picture, the outer pin came out with the receiver and cover still attached. This occurred on both sides, so suffice it to say it will likely happen to you. They will need to be removed and re-installed back in their holes to install the new Evo VII tail lights. They can be carefully pried off with a flat head screwdriver.
5. Now simply transfer all of the bulbs from the VIII housing to the VII housing. Unscrew the sockets from the housing and all bulbs simply pull straight out.
6. NOTE: the outer receivers/covers that came out on the pins with the stock VIII tail lights should be installed back into their holes on the car (bottom pic), not on the pins of the new VII housing. We tried both ways and the only sure fire solid snap-in connection was pressing the housing into the receiver already installed in the car.
7. Once all of your bulbs have been transferred, reconnect the harness.
8. Slide the housing back in at a slight angle, getting the outer pin aligned first. You should hear/feel a snap as the pin sits into the receiver. The inner snap will not be as noticeable (if at all) since the receiver does not fit as tightly. As seen in the photo in Step 5, the inner receiver has a rectangular opening compared to the round, tight-fitting opening of the outer. Reinstall the Phillips screws and if you care, the screws should be torqued to 43 IN/LBS ;)
9. Repeat the same Steps for the other side and you are done! NOTE: Make sure to test all lights: tail, stop, turn signal and reverse when you are finished to insure they are all working properly.

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