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EVO X Cat-back Exhaust Install

Nice Cat-back exhaust system you have there. Bet you canít wait to install it. If you donít know how, then we got your Cat-back! As long as you have a 14 mm and 12 mm wrench, and anti-seize paste (can be purchased from Amazon.com and WEICON), youíll have your new Cat-back exhaust installed via this guide.

1. Start off by grabbing jack stands to support the raise of the front of the car. You might find it easier to raise and support the whole passenger side of the car if you donít happen to have a lift. Ensure that the carís off.
2. Undo the three 14 mm bolts that are retaining the muffler to the midpipe from underneath the rear of the vehicle.
3. Undo the 12 mm bolt thatís retaining the muffler to the hanger (top passenger side).
4. Hopefully, youíll have some WD-40 at your disposal. This is for removal of another hanger, which is the one thatís located ontop of the muffler can. Spray some WD-40 around the rod thatís inside the hanger. Push the muffler off of the rod as youíre holding the muffler up.
5. Locate the folded-over tabs that are retaining the O2 sensor wire. Open the tabs and loosen the sensor in the same fashion as if you were undoing a bolt. Disconnect the O2 sensor harness (can be found inside the car and underneath the carpeting) if the O2 sensor wires twisting are of any concern to you. Otherwise, count the amount of turns thatís required for the O2 sensor to be removed from the pipe.
6. Undo both 19mm bolts that are connecting the midpipe to the catalyctic converter. Have the pipe hang ontop of the studs.
7. Return to the back of the car. Undo the two 12 mm bolts from the previous midpipe to rear subframe. Afterwards, slide the midpipe back and off of the catalyctic converter studs.
8. If youíve removed the stock exhaust gasket, put it back on. Then, slide the midpipe onto the studs of your new cat-back.
9. Remove and xfer the stock hangers to the muffler of the new cat-back. All hangers should attach to both the muffler and downpipe.
10. Hang the muffler underneath the rear of the car by sliding the top front hanger on. Lubricate the rod if needed in order to get this part done. Then, using the factory 12 mm bolt, bolt the top rear hanger to the muffler. Bolt the last hanger to the rear subframe using the two factor 12 mm bolts.
11. Using the included hardware, bolt the muffler to the midpipe, which should remain hanging on the cat-backís studs. You should be using 14 mm bolts, two (2) 14 mm nuts, and two (2) lock washers aside from the gasket.
12. Use the two (2) 17 mm bolts and remaining lock washers to attach the midpipe to the catalyctic converter.
13. Remember that anti-seize paste thatís mentioned much early on in this guide? Consider applying some to the O2 sensor threads prior to reinstalling it, as a precaution in case you need to remove at a later time.
14. Start the car. Inspect it for any leaks. Be sure to take care of any before your exhaust gets too hot. Have the car lowered, remove the jacks, and vroom!

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