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Clutch Pedal Adjustment

After installing a new clutch or through normal wear of the current clutch, the clutch pedal may require adjustment. After an aftermarket clutch has been installed, if it is difficult to get into gears or the clutch does not completely disengage, 99% of the time, a clutch pedal adjustment will correct the situation.

1. Slide the driver seat all the way back and look at the back of the clutch pedal (flash or drop light helps!).

Adjusting the clutch pedal is very easy. Simply loosen the lock nut from the bracket connecting the push rod to the back of the clutch pedal. With the lock nut loose, the rod can be turned to move the clutch pedal higher or lower. This will in turn increase or decrease the rod travel (and hydraulic movement) and dictate "where" in the pedal the clutch engages.

For the most part, the rod can simply be turned by hand. Wiggling the clutch pedal while turning the rod can make it easier, but there is a flattened location on the rod to use an 8mm wrench if turning it by hand is not possible.

To move the rod higher and increase travel (move engagement up), turn the rod clockwise. To reduce the travel (move engagement down), turn the rod counter-clockwise.

TECH TIP: If an aftermarket clutch is installed and there is trouble getting into gears or it won't go into gear at all, the clutch is likely not being fully disengaged when the pedal is in. To overcome this, adjust the pedal higher.

2. Once the pedal is close, a few test drives and shifts will allow it to be dialed in for your clutch and feel. Do not forget to tighten the lock nut on the rod down before driving!

TECH TIP: try to adjust the pedal and do test drives/shifts with the tranny and clutch warm. If the adjustment is too "close", it may be fine when cold and get notchy or not fully disengage once everything warms up and the clutch expands with heat.

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