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Test Pipe Install

Even though the stock catalytic converter is a "high flow" unit, there is no way it flows as well as an off-road pipe (test pipe). An off-road pipe will both increase the pipe diameter to 3" to match your aftermarket exhaust and it removes the catalyst material, both of which open up the flow of the exhaust systems tremendously. In addition to the usual "off-road only" nature of off-road pipes, the removal of the catalyst will cause the rear O2 sensor readings to be off and the ECU will light up that Service Engine light in protest. Some Evos react very poorly to the test pipe install and in addition to the check engine light, the ECU will retreat into a "limp mode", running rich, reducing timing, and if you are still using the stock boost control solenoid, reduce max boost, in an effort to protect your Evo from a "problem". Not all Evolutions react this poorly to the code thrown from the use of an off-road pipe and there is no way to tell if yours will be one of them. They do seem to be the minority, but all will definitely show a check engine light. To circumvent any issues associated with a converter code caused by using a test pipe, the use of an O2 Simulator is recommended. O2 simulators emulate the proper voltage signal from the rear O2 sensor (what the ECU checks to see if the cat is "working"). In essence, the ECU will never know the converter is gone! This is install is pretty much here just for the sake of completeness. If you truly need instructions for installing this item, you really shouldn't be working on your own car :)

1. Naturally, start off by raising the car and supporting it on jack stands or ramps.
2. Remove the two bolts holding the cat to the downpipe and remove the two nuts holding the cat to the mid-pipe of the exhaust.
3. Using any new gaskets and gaskets supplied with your off-road pipe, bolt the pipe on where the stock converter was.
4. Done! Now that is a quick and easy way to extract power from your Evo....only on the track of course ;)

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